• ZafiroZafiro
    Strategically rotate the puzzle in order to get the blue cube into the portal! Each level is trickier than the last!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Acorn FactoryAcorn Factory
    Get the acorns to the goal! Click the buttons to control the machines to bounce, roll, and toss acorns to their destination!
  • AdvansnakeAdvansnake
    The old snake game mixed with a new one. Stick with the classic, or try out advanced mode for something fresh, but still fun.
  • Aerial MahjongAerial Mahjong
    Become a master of MahJong in the incredible aerial land!
  • Bot RacingBot Racing
    Choose a robot, track, and upgrades and hit the highway! Race robots and see if you can come in first for extra points to increase your balance!

additional favorite games

  • Cheat 2 WinCheat 2 Win
    Find ways to "cheat" through increasingly difficult levels! "Trick" the game to move on to the next level!